Okta SAML setup

Enable your Okta users to access Trelica with Single-Sign-On (SSO).

Adding Trelica to Okta

Open the Okta Administration UI, select the Applications menu and click Add Application.
Search for Trelica and select the Okta Verified Trelica application. Click Add next to the search result listing.
The Trelica application is added. Click Done.
Open the Sign On tab and then scroll down to the section with the yellow side-bar. Click View Setup Instructions:

Okta specific Trelica configuration instructions

Okta provides specific Trelica configuration steps with the correct details for your Okta instance. Please follow these steps from now on.


Trelica user accounts are being created using a username rather than an email address

Find the Trelica application, open the Sign on tab and click Edit:
Now scroll down to the Credentials Details section and make sure Application username format is set to Email.