OneLogin SAML setup

Enable your OneLogin users to access Trelica with Single-Sign-On (SSO).

Adding Trelica to OneLogin

Log in to OneLogin and go to the Administration site. Choose Applications and then click Add App.
Search the catalog for Trelica and click on the entry shown:
The name and icon configuration page is displayed.
We suggest leaving everything as is. You can optionally enter some description text. We propose:
Trelica is a web-based collaborative platform for managing the overall lifecycle of enterprise SaaS applications and vendors.
When you have finished, click Save . The screen will refresh and you will see new tabs on the left-hand side.
Open the Configuration tab to continue.

Configuration tab

OneLogin needs an ACS (Consumer) URL from Trelica. You can see this on the SAML Identity providers page in Trelica.
Log in to your Trelica site, and then go to Admin > Settings > Users > SAML providers:
Open Trelica in a new browser tab, as you will need to switch back to OneLogin shortly.
Click the copy icon next to the SAML Assertion Consumer Service (ACS) URL to copy it to the clipboard.
Now go back to OneLogin, and in the Configuration tab paste Ctrl + V the ACS URL into the ACS (Consumer) URL. It should be something like
Open the SSO tab to continue.

SSO tab

Set the SAML Signature Algorithm to SHA-256 and then click Save at the top right of the screen.
Next we need to configure Trelica. This needs the Issuer URL value from the SSO tab in OneLogin. Click the copy icon next to the Issuer URL to copy it to the clipboard.

Configuring Trelica

Return to the Users Settings page in Trelica, expand the SAML providers section and click New. The New SAML Identity Provider dialog is displayed.
In the Name field enter OneLogin and set the Metadata type to Metadata from URL.
Now paste the Issuer URL from OneLogin that you placed onto the clipboard into the Metadata URL field in Trelica:
Click Create.


You can assign users to an application using OneLogin roles, using the Access tab when configuring an SSO application. Alternatively you can assign an application to a single user by going to the Users menu, selecting a user, and choosing the Applications tab:
You can then add an application to a single user. We recommend this approach when testing your Trelica SAML integration before rolling it out more widely to the users you wish to grant access to.
Once you've assigned a user to the application, they will see the Trelica application in their portal. Clicking on the application should log them in to Trelica.