Managing app users with Trelica

Grant and revoke access to apps automatically or manually.
🧙🏿‍♂️ This page is about app users - your organization's employees, contractors and partners who use apps as part of their work. Each app user is associated with a person record in Trelica; one person can have access to multiple apps. For more information about granting individuals access to Trelica, see Managing Trelica users.
Trelica provides a system of record so that you can keep track of who has access to different apps, the licences that they have been allocated, whether those licences are utilized, and the cost to your organization. Trelica uses this information to calculate app usage and make recommendations about potential savings and security improvements.
The most accurate way to supply app user data to Trelica is to enable integrations. You can set up direct integrations to individual apps and/or integrate with your organisation's chosen identity provider (IdP), such as Okta or Azure AD. If an integration is not available, you can record app user details manually or import them from a spreadsheet.
Once imported into Trelica, app users' details - including their last login date, role and status - are displayed on the Users tab for each app.
The App Users tab displays the users of the app.
If an integration is available, you can use Trelica to create, update, and remove users in the app. You can initiate these changes automatically as part of a workflow, or make changes manually from the App Users page.
You can use Trelica to:
  • Provision users with access to the correct apps based on their team or as part of an onboarding process for individuals joining your organization.
  • ​Change app user licenses to enable or remove paid features for a particular app.
  • ​Deprovision users that no longer need access to apps based on their team or usage in order to free up licenses for other users or realise cost savings.
  • ​Deprovision users as part of an offboarding process to ensure individuals no longer have access to apps after leaving your organization.
For apps without suitable integrations, you can add, update and remove app users in Trelica manually in order to maintain an accurate record of who has access to your apps, their license and status.