Reviewing non-business apps

The Trelica library categorizes applications as to whether they have a mostly business or non-business purpose. By filtering to Non-business applications you can see applications that people are signing in to which might pose some element of risk to you.
"Sign in with Google" (or Microsoft) isn't necessarily a bad thing for staff to use on non-business related websites. The website will know their work email address, but it does mean that the user isn't potentially reusing a password.
The risk is that users can inadvertently, or carelessly, grant additional access to Google Workspace resource which contain company information.

Checking access risk

Filter the application inventory to Non-business apps, add the Access risk column, and sort to show the highest access risk at the top:
Non-business applications with High Access risk

For High risk applications

Click through to look at the Users tab, then Revoke all OAuth tokens, and Block access.

For other applications

Generally we recommend leaving non-business applications in the New state. There's generally a lot of these applications and little benefit explicitly marking them as Accepted: If access is being abused then we recommend swiftly revoking access and blocking instead, and leaving the rest as New.
If you mark them as Ignored they will be hidden by default whereas we feel it's better to have non-business applications visible.