Tracking assets

Create a register of physical assets and manage them during their lifespans.
You can use Trelica to create a register of the physical assets in your organization, such as laptops, computer displays and network equipment.
You can record details including the asset serial number, location, purchase date and lifespan. You can also record the status of the asset, such as whether it has been deployed or is out for repair, and create reports to identify assets that need to be replaced.
In future, you will be able to automate tasks for deployment and retrieval of assets in provisioning and deprovisioning workflows, create assessments to collect data about the status of assets, and manage contracts and licenses for the purchase and renewal of assets.
Trelica admin users and users in the IT role can create and manage assets. Admin users can also configure asset settings, including the format for asset tags and additional custom fields.
🧙‍♂️ If the assets feature is not visible you can enable the feature. Go to Admin > Settings > Assets to open the Assets Settings page, and toggle Enabled for admins and IT to the on position.