Adding contracts manually

Basic contract details

Using the primary menu, navigate to Licenses and then select the Contracts tab.
Click the New button in the top right corner to create a new contract manually.
  • Use the edit icon (
    ) next to the title to give the contract a name
  • Click the Add Document link to upload an attachment
  • Enter the vendor name, agreement date etc. to complete the basic details
The 'agreement date' should be the start of the license period, rather than the date the contract was issued or signed. This date, combined with the duration, will be used as our default period for any licenses associated with the contract.

Adding line items

Here's where we're going to add the licenses being purchased under the contract. You can also add other 'line items' that don't relate to licenses e.g. professional services. It's not essential to add non-license related line items, the benefit is that you can reconcile the total amount in the contract document with the total in Trelica.

Creating a new license

After selecting New license from the dropdown, you will be presented with a form to capture the license details.
The first thing you need to do is identify the relevant application. Whilst we specified the vendor in the previous step, some vendors have multiple applications - the application lookup will restrict the list of apps to those associated with the vendor you set, so you're not searching across the entire catalog.
If the vendor you specified for the contract is a reseller you will need to use the 'vendor is reseller' check box next to the application lookup - this will let you search the full application catalog
The next important step is to determine if we're creating a totally new license, or updating an existing. Let's move on to entering license details.