Entering license details

License details are critical to tracking your SaaS expenditure, renewals and over license entitlements in Trelica. You can add licenses directly, or as part of a contract.

Where to add license details

Licenses can be added in different places in Trelica. However they're added, you will find everything under Licenses in the main menu.
  • As part of a contract - more information on this option, here
  • Directly against an application - using the New license button on the license tab of any application profile

New licenses

If you're renewing an existing license you should use the Renewals feature. A new license should be used when:
  • adding licenses to an application for the very first time
  • adding to an application with existing licenses but with the new licenses having materially different terms i.e. different license plans, start / end dates, rates. For example, if two different teams are purchasing licenses for the same application but on different terms
Here is some guidance on the fields used on the license details form:
Plan name - this relates to the license plan. Depending on the application, you might have some preset options you can select from. If there are no preset options, or none of the options are appropriate, you can enter your own plan name (select Other in the dropdown if there are preset options).
Price - this is where you define your license structure and the associated rates (e.g. per-user, per-unit, flat rate). Some of the following options on the form will change based on these selections.
As you enter pricing details the summary on the right side updates automatically. This is a great way to sanity check what you're entering - for example, if you accidentally used an annual price set to monthly, the summary will show a much larger number than you were expecting!

License statuses

In Trelica, license statuses are set automatically based on the license duration, renewal options and the corresponding app status. You can filter the Licenses list to identify all licenses in a particular status.
  • Active - The license is current with a renewal date more than 90 days in the future.
  • Renewal due - The license is due for renewal in the next 90 days. To identify licenses that are due for renewal in a different timeframe, use the "Renewal date" filter.
  • Overdue - The license renewal date is in the past and the license has not been renewed using the Renewals feature. If you have added a new license, ensure you terminate the old license to prevent it being listed as overdue.
  • Renewed - The license has been renewed and a new renewal date has not been set or the renewal date is in the past.
  • Offboarding - The app status has been set to "Plan to close".
  • Terminated - The license has been terminated. This option should only be used if the license is not being renewed. Terminated licenses are hidden by default.
  • Closed - The app status has been set to "Closed".
🧙🏾‍♂️ To filter the Applications list by license state and other license details, select More filters > Add filter and search for "license". Add the license filter parameters and then set the filter values and click Apply.