Renewing app licenses

Licenses that are due to expire or have already expired are highlighted with orange and red, respectively. This can be viewed from the license list via Licenses on the main menu, or from the licenses tab of an application profile. You can filter the licenses list to view only licenses that are due or overdue for renewal.
The licenses list view includes a Renewal date filter option and the option to switch the view from a list to a renewals Calendar.
Click on any license name to pull out the license details drawer.
If this license is not being renewed, use the Terminate option to archive the license (you can still access this information later, but it will remove the license from your renewals list and calendar).
If you're renewing the license, select the Renew option. This opens up the license details form in edit view. The plan name and pricing details from the previous license are all rolled forward, but you can now update this information to account for any changes to the new license term e.g. increase in user count, change of pricing.
When you renew a license, the start date for the renewal is automatically set to continue from the expiration of the previous license. If you're renewing early, or there is a slight gap between the expiration of the previous license and the start of the renewal, be sure to update the start date manually to reflect the new license terms properly.

Viewing renewal history for a license

One of the benefits of using the renewal feature in Trelica (vs. terminating old licenses and creating new) is that you build up a history of renewals that's easily viewed in one place.
Click on a license to pull out the license details drawer. The History section is at the bottom of the details drawer.