What are contracts in Trelica?

Tracking SaaS subscription details, such as renewal dates and the number of licenses you've purchased for a given application (and at what price) is a key function of Trelica. Getting hold of this information, and keeping it up to date, isn't always as easy as it should be!
For larger companies with more formal procurement processes, contracts are one route to this information.
Words and acronyms like 'contract', 'PO' and 'MSA' get used interchangeably. We use the label 'contract' in Trelica as a catch-all for a document, or structured data from another system, that provides commercial details on the SaaS applications you're subscribed to. At a minimum, we would expect these 'details' to include:
  • Name of application and vendor
  • Start / end dates for the subscription, or confirmation it's a rolling, monthly agreement
  • The licenses you're purchasing under the subscription
In this context, the term 'contract' is interchangeable with Order Form, Purchase Order (PO) or Invoice - all of which we could reasonably expect to contain the details above.
Contract is a good catch-all term, but the downside is that it can be confused with a legal agreement or Master Subscription Agreement (MSA). In most situations, a legal agreement with your SaaS vendor won't contain the useful commercial details listed above