Linking Trelica to other SaaS applications

Trelica can bring together data from many different sources to give you insight into your SaaS application usage, security and spend. Key to this is integrating with the different SaaS tools that you use.
The easiest way to manage integrations is to go to Admin > Integrations.
This page shows at the top which integrations you have already enabled, the type of data that is being provided, and whether the integration is working correctly.
Clicking through on an icon takes you through to a more detailed page for the specific application, either to establish a new connection, remove an existing connection or just see details of when the last connection took place.
If you have any problems connecting with an application please contact our support team. Just drop us an email at [email protected] to start the conversation.
Similarly please get in touch if you can't find an application you need.

Connecting to an application

Just click on the icon of the application you want to connect to. If you can't see the application then try searching.
The next page will show you more information about the application, specifically:
  • Features - the data that Trelica will access from the application
  • Requirements (where applicable) - information about the license plan or the role you might need to connect
  • Permissions - the permissions that Trelica will need or request for the application
A typical page showing the Features, Requirements and Permissions of the integration
To get going, click Connect.
Some integrations may require additional information. You will then see a dialog telling you what you need to enter:
If you need to re-enter parameter data, then you can disconnect and reconnect the integration. See the section below on Revoking access.
Integrations that connect using the OAuth2 protocol will then typically ask you to login to the relevant application and authorize the sharing of information with Trelica. The authorization screen is application specific but an example would be:
Once you've connected you will be taken back to Trelica.
After a short pause, Trelica will start to synchronize and you'll see a green tick when everything is done.
Although this shouldn't take long, you don't have to wait for this to happen - once you're back in Trelica feel free to go off and do other things.
The View Application button will take you to the Application profile page where you can see data that has been synchronized.

Refreshing data

HR connections and any system connection that contains usage data will be refreshed once a day. Other connections are refreshed weekly by default.
Data can be manually refreshed at any time by clicking the Refresh button on the integration detail page.

A note about refreshing Spend data

Trelica pulls deltas for spend data, so if you want to do a full refresh, first click Settings
Then just resave the settings as they are:
This will force a full refresh for the expense categories and period requested.

Other places you can connect to applications

In the Applications list you will see greyed out icons in the Sources column where integrations exist that are not yet connected. Click on these to connect:
In the users tab of an applicaton you will a Connect button where an appropriate Usage integration exists: