Product tour

A summary of the essential features of Trelica, including tips and best practices.


The first step in SaaS Management is discovery: it's essential to know what apps and users you've got so that you can manage them.
Due to the variety of ways software can be accessed and maintained, there are multiple sources that Trelica can combine for you to build up a full picture.
  • ​🆔 Identity Providers (IdP) for apps being accessed.
  • 💰 Finance / accountancy systems for apps being paid for.
  • 🎯 Direct connections to apps being used.
  • 🗣️ Interviews and surveys of app users or team leads.
  • ​🤖 Monitoring tools e.g. cloud access security brokers (CASBs)
The Quick start guide explains how to start by connecting to your IdP, as well as importing any existing app inventory that you have:


After discovery, you'll have a basic inventory of apps. Now you can review and curate this list.


You might find you have thousands of apps! Triage your application inventory first using the Application list view, by setting the owner and status of apps you recognise:
Applications inventory list view
🧙🏾 Select multiple apps to bulk edit from the list view. You can do this for up to 100 apps on a page at once.

Application view

Click an application to view and add more details.
The application view allows you to:
  • Edit details;
  • Set an owner;
  • Raise tasks for this app;
  • Track licences and spend;
  • View users and usage.
Trelica will automatically include a description, categories, and security and privacy accreditations for this app where possible.


Integrations are central to maintaining visibility of your apps, users, usage and spend - and for minimising admin for you! They can contribute different types of data:
Google Workspace Okta
Discover apps and their users
Structure by groups, teams, locations Onboard and offboard people
Maintain user lists
Understand usage levels and roles Identify unused seats
Total and breakdown of live spend
Discover forgotten subscriptions
Optimise licencing (with usage)
From the menu, select Admin > Integrations (or use this link) to see available integrations and set them up.
🧙🏾 In your Applications list, the Sources column will show you available integrations for your app. (Look for a gray version of that app's icon.)


The best way to manage software spend in Trelica is to connect to your finance or accounting system. Alternatively, you can import a spreadsheet or CSV file from your bank or credit card statement.
Select Spend from the main menu (or follow this link).
Trelica will calculate your total spend, chart expenditure over time, breakdown by app category, and allow you to monitor individual app payments versus planned licence fees.
Spend dashboard


The People directory comprises all individuals in your organisation who are using your software - be it employees, contractors, partners.
🧙🏾 Your identity provider (IdP) is central to maintaining your people directory. Keep records up-to-date in your IdP, such as employee ID, groups, and employment dates, and it will all be synced to Trelica.
Select People (or follow this link) from the main menu to view the directory.


Armed with data, you are ready to optimise your SaaS.
Several angles to approach optimisation:
  • Check renewal calendar - check upcoming renewals to avoid price hikes and give yourself time to negotiate better deals.
  • Remove unused seats - combine with spend data to see how much money you can save.
  • Investigate usage levels - if most users are showing low usage, it might mean the app isn't meeting their needs
  • Consolidate - look for clusters of apps of the same category.
Insight of apps by category - use for targeting consolidation.
Select Insights (or follow this link) from the main menu to explore these themes.