This covers Greenhouse Recruitment

Creating an API key

Log in to Greenhouse as an administrator, click the gear icon, choose Dev Center and API Credential Management:
Now click Create New API Key:
In the dialog that appears choose Harvest for the API Type and enter Trelica as a description:
Now click Manage Permissions.
Before you setting permissions, the API Key will be created. Click Copy to copy it to the clipboard - ideally put this in Notepad or a text editor until you are ready to paste it into Trelica:
After you click I have stored the API Key you will be taken through to manage the permissions the key has.
The minimal permission needed for Trelica is
  • Users > Get: List Users
  • Users > Get: Retrieve User
  • Departments > Get: List Departments
  • Custom Fields > Get: Get custom fields
  • Custom Field Options > Get: Get custom options
For Deprovisioning you must add:
  • Users > Patch: Disable User.
For Provisioning you must add:
  • Users > Post: Add User
  • Users > Patch: Update a user
  • Users > Patch: Enable User
For New Hire data you must add:
  • Candidates > Get: List Candidates
  • Offers > Get: List Offers
Make sure the required permissions are checked.
Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save.
Now go to the Greenhouse integration in Trelica, click Connect and paste in the API key you created earlier.

Finding a user ID to provision on behalf of

If you're connecting to Greenhouse with Provisioning enabled, you'll also be required to input an On behalf of user ID. When provisioning Greenhouse audits requests performed via the API, including requests to create or disable users as if they were performed by this user.
Navigate to Configure > Users and do one of the following:
  1. 1.
    Click Export to Excel where the User ID should be included as the 1st column.
2. Click on a user's Name to edit and navigate to the desired user. The URL should end in a path like /account/users/:userId/edit, which can be used to copy the user ID from.