Building new integrations

If we've not got a integration for one of your applications we'll do our best to build one. This page describes the process.
If you read the article about connecting to systems, you'll know that Trelica uses something known as an API to integrate with different applications. Each application needs a different integration.
We have a library of around 150 integrations and this is growing all the time.
If you've got an application with which we don't currently integrate, we'll work with you (free of charge) to connect to it.
Here's the process:

1. Is it possible to integrate?

We'll carry out a quick feasibility check to see whether the application has an API, and whether the API can provide the data we need. Often this is available on a vendor's website, but sometimes we may need to contact the vendor to find out more. Some vendors prefer such requests to come direct from customers. If this is the case we'll send you the information we need to ask, or join you on a call with someone from the Vendor's customer success team.

2. Creating an integration

We'll get the basics configured to integrate with the application and then work with you to login to a Trelica test site and set it up. This will typically involve an administrator of the application on your team logging in to the application and going through a series of steps to connect to Trelica. This is often easiest by doing a screenshare and we'll talk you through.
Where possible we'd recommend connecting to a sandbox environment initially.

3. Building the integration

Trelica will build the integration using special tools in the Trelica product. This can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days.

4. Testing

It's important that we test that Trelica is retrieving the correct data. A good way for us to test is for you to extract data from the application, maybe with an export or with some screenshots. We can then compare those against the data that Trelica is connected.
If there are any issues we'll quickly fix them and then re-test.

5. Go-live

Once everything is ready, we'll publish the integration and your administrator will be able to go in to your normal Trelica site (rather than the test site) and connect the application.