Reviewing spend transactions

The objective of this process is to ensure that Trelica has correctly mapped spend transactions to applications.
A secondary objective is to set up rules to exclude non application related spend that may have been sent.

Confirming transaction mappings

If you've connected to a finance data source you will regularly have new applications being discovered. Trelica will try to match applications but you may need to correct mappings or at least confirm Trelica's suggestions.
Go to the Spend transactions page. Make sure the filter is set to To review:
First of all, check that the mapping is correct - Trelica will suggest mappings for you.
Suggested transaction to application mappings
In this example, a transaction relating to Adobe has been discovered, and Trelica is suggesting that this might relate to Adobe Creative Cloud (an application already marked as Managed).
A second transaction for GitLab (a new application) has also been discovered, and a mapping suggested.
You can simply leave Suggested matches, but we strongly recommend Confirming them.
  1. 1.
    You can define or adjust the Rule to match similar transactions going forwards
  2. 2.
    It helps you better see what you've done and what's left to check.
Confirming transactions

Excluding transactions

When you configure a connection to a financial data source you specify account codes to request. Sometimes non application related data is passed to Trelica.
We recommend setting up mapping rules to Exclude such transactions going forwards (e.g. based on vendor name).