Transaction rule priorities

Trelica sometimes mismatches ambiguous spend transactions. You can control how ambiguities are managed using transaction rule priorities.
In this example we've imported some transactions, and Trelica has incorrectly matched a transaction relating to "Druva inSync Salesforce Sandbox" to Salesforce. This spend relates to a different application but Trelica has seen the word "Salesforce" and mis-matched.
Whilst we can correct this on a one-off basis by unmatching and remapping, you may want to define a transaction rule, and adjust its priority, to ensure that Druva inSync gets matched correctly in future.
First of all, click on the Druva transaction and Unmatch it:
You will see that the is no longer matched to Salesforce in the list:
Click again on the transaction and this time click Create rule:
For this rule we will look for any transactions containing the text "Druva inSync" and map them to the correct application.
Once you've set the mapping, click Save:
Now we're going to look at the spend rules that Trelica is managing behind the scenes:
In the Spend rules list, choose Edit priority for the Druva inSync rule:
If you have a lot of rules you can quickly search to find the one you're after.
The priority defaults to 100, so if you change it to a lower value (e.g. 50), then we can ensure that the "Druva inSync" matching rule gets applied before "Salesforce".
This means that any future transaction that Trelica sees containing both phrases will match to Druva inSync, rather than Salesforce.