Automating activities with workflows

Use workflows to automate common tasks in Trelica.
Once you have set up Trelica as your system of record, you'll want to both keep it up to date with changes occurring in your organization, and use the intelligence that the system has gathered to streamline your IT operations, optimize spend and enhance security.
Workflows allow you to automate common processes in order to manage updates consistently and efficiently, as well as identifying opportunities to reduce unnecessary costs and security risks. You can use workflows to:
  • Give people in your organization access to apps automatically based on their team or other criteria.
  • Review requests for access to particular apps.
  • Downgrade or free up app licenses automatically when people are not using apps.
  • Revoke access to apps when a person leaves your organization.
  • Find out more about recently discovered apps.
  • Alert you to high-risk apps and unused administrator accounts.
Trelica admin users can create and edit workflows to meet their organization's needs. For more information, see Building workflows.
Each time a workflow is triggered, a workflow run is created and recorded in Trelica. Admin users together with users in any other roles that have been granted access to a specific workflow (such as the HR or IT roles) can view the details of each workflow run. For more information, see Managing workflow runs.